How do I report online abuse to Autism Broadband?

How do I report online abuse to Autism Broadband?

Online abuse can take many forms; below will cover the different forms of abuse and how incidents originating from the Autism Broadband network can be reported to us.

If you are a Autism Broadband customer and need to report a fraud or cybercrime incident where you have been the victim, please visit for help and support.

Report abuse originating from a Autism Broadband IP address

Our Acceptable Usage Policy forbids users of the Autism Broadband network from participating in a number of online activities while using their Broadband connection.

Common examples of abuse that is against our AUP include:

  • Sending abusive or hurtful messages of any form – emails, IRC, forum posts etc.
  • Participating in network attacks such as password or denial of service attacks
  • Hosting offensive or illegal content

If you have evidence of abuse originating from a Autism Broadband IP address, please fill in our Abuse reporting form

This form is not to be used if you are a Autism Broadband customer requiring support regarding a security issue.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Email abuse (Spam, offensive emails etc)

  • Full header information of the email in question
  • Content of the email

Network Attacks (Unauthorised Access attempts, Denial of Service attacks)

  • Date and time of abuse
  • Server/firewall logs showing abuse
  • Time zone of logs (e.g. GMT +0100)

Online Conduct (Cyberstalking, Abusive behaviour etc.)

  • Date and time of abuse
  • Timezone of date and time provided (e.g.GMT +0100)
  • As much information as possible relating to the abuse
  • Illegal/Offensive Content (Phishing website, Hate Crime content etc.)
  • URL of content in question

Once a report of abuse originating from the Autism Broadband network has been submitted, your case will be analysed by a member of the Autism Broadband Internet Security team.

Should the team’s investigation conclude that a user on the Virgin Media network has breached the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), then appropriate action will be taken. The team do not disclose what outcome has been taken in relation to specific cases.

Due to the volume of reports received, it is not possible for the team to respond to all complainants. Please rest assured that your report has been investigated and appropriate action taken.

If you believe you have been the victim of online fraud or cybercrime, we recommend you visit * – a website setup by the Police that provides help and advice regarding cybercrime and online fraud.


If you see any content online related to terrorism, you can report it anonymously by filing a report at – *

Terrorist material could include:

  • Articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism
  • Content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism
  • Websites made by terrorist organisations
  • Videos of terrorist attacks

* These links to external sites are provided as a courtesy and Autism Broadband are not responsible for the content of these sites or any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and e are not able to provide any technical support for such problems.