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We build future-proof high speed networks, and We provide broadband and services to our customers.

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The main point of Autism Broadband is to pay attention towards customer. We focus on empowering and delighting our customers, and provide them with best services.

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We encourage our volunteers to communicate openly, share credit, and accept responsibility.

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We provide service to customers before, during and after a purchase of the Autism broadband. We work quickly to act as the situation demands

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Frequently asked questions

Autism Broadband is a specialist ISP provider for those who have autism and learning disability within the UK.

At Autism Broadband all of our services are free.

YES anyone can use our broadband network but with a letter from a health care provider to conform of your disability. 

Morden ISP’s don’t really understand people with autism and learning disability.


YES at this time only as volunteers at this time.

If you find any problems with our website please can you kindly Contact Us

Our clients say

I am a mother of an son with autism and with Autism Broadband this company is very good and with very very good support
Hilary Leigh
I have autism and i really didn't think this would be possible for a free broadband for people with autism.
Hall Read
A person with autism.
Quintin Angus
Jillie Tempest